Nagambie Lakes

On of the earliest pieces of irrigation infrastructure in Australia is the Goulburn weir. It was originally constructed between 1887 and 1891, with stabilisation works performed in 1983 and 1987. This creates Lake Nagambie, right next to the town of Nagambie.

Goulburn Weir

Goulburn Weir is a concrete dam with a stepped spillway made from granite blocks. The weir had one of the earliest hydroelectric schemes in the Southern Hemisphere and powered the gates and nearby lights. It can hold back up to 25 500 ML of water in Lake Nagambie.

There are numerous irrigation canals in Victoria and the large canals in the Goulburn valley are fed by the weir. The weir is necessary to raise the height of the Goulburn valley to reach these canals. In addition to its use in farming, Lake Nagambie is popular for recreation.

Strathbogie Ranges

Strathbogie Ranges are mountains located in Victoria, only a 90 minute drive away from Melbourne.

Strathbogie Ranges