Wineries and Vineyards

Antcliff’s Chase Wines
535 Caveat-Dropmore Road
Activities including pruning and picking are completed manually. Our vines are cultivated with reduced use of chemicals and no fertilisers are applied. Inside the winery basic and effective techniques are used such as open fermenting and the utilisation of the basket press to create wines of quality character.
(03) 5790 4333
Coach Rd
Our vineyard operations are focussed on making high quality grapes of most effective flavour. We are only going to release wines created from certain clones of the high quality grapes when the conditions are maximum. This will mean our wines are constantly fully flavoured, sensible and other characters, but does mean that types won’t actually be released in all years.
(03) 5790 5288
(03) 5790 5205
Baddaginnie Run Wines
PO Box 579
We are on a voyage and we’d love to include others. One particular way you can help is through buying and enjoying our wines and promoting our land regeneration history with others. Cash flow from sales are reinvested in further land repair.
(03) 9348 9310
0401 197 579
North Melbourne
Baileys Winery of Glenrowan
PO Box 100
Our vineyard is 143 ha altogether and planted to the suitable types for our region. We have shiraz, muscat and muscadelle among others. The vineyard is planted in to the slopes of the Warby and appears out in the near by Winton Wetlands. The historic soils, the facet of the range and the cooling down ramifications of the wetlands incorporate to provide us a distinctive climate; an extremely special destination to develop grapes and produce wine.
(03) 5766 1600
(03) 5766 2596
Buller Wines
2804 Federation Way
Gerald and Mary are practical in the carrying on of business and also have overseen new investment in the cellar and most importantly the vineyards on the complete operation. Dave Whyte has the role of Head Winemaker and his enthusiasm for wine is paramount as the number of wines has grown. Dave is also overseeing a complete recovery of the vineyards so that as Buller Wines steps towards its centenary the custom of high quality wines remains.
(02) 6032 9660
(02) 6032 8005
Elgo Estate
RMB 6170 James Road
A fresh winery which utilises traditional methods complemented by environmental and scientific investments allowing creation of excellent wines. The Elgo Estate vineyards are located in the stunning Strathbogie Ranges.
(03) 5798 5563
(03) 5798 5524
Fowles Wine
Corner Hume Fwy and Lambing Gully Rd
Our vineyards are positioned in the dramatic granite landscape of the Strathbogie Ranges. Full of energy, we continue steadily to break new earth by firmly taking the Strathbogie Ranges message to the rest of the Earth with a few of Australia’s most enjoyable wines.
(03) 5796 2150
(03) 5796 2147
Garners Heritage Wine
54 Longwood-Mansfield Road
We specialise in shiraz, an assortment that is suitable for the bottom of the Strathbogie Ranges. All our vines are manually tendered to, such as pruned and grapes are hand picked from the best parts inside our vineyard.
(03) 5798 5513
0410 649 030
(03) 5798 5514
Longwood East
Lot 15 Broughtons Rd
(03) 5790 8627
(03) 5790 8630
King River Estate Wines Pty Ltd
3556 Wangaratta Road
Maintaining Trevor’s traditional yet ground breaking approach to wine beverage making, the King River Estate’s school of thought is made of the traditional techniques. Natural wines are made, and it is Trevor’s idea that grapes should be left to do their own thing, which wild yeasts and natural fermentation lead to a lot more complex wines.
(03) 5729 3689
(03) 5729 3688